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Replacement Schools: $79,921,000 These projects will address both the aging needs of these campuses and the need for additional capacity at the elementary level:

  • Replacement school for DeZavala Elementary 

  • Replacement school to combine Cobb Elementary and Schochler Elementary

CHS Growth & Program Expansion: $39,698,000 
These projects will enhance student programming opportunities and increase capacity at CHS:

  • New Career & Technical Education (CTE) Center Addition

  • New Auditorium

  • Athletic Additions & Renovations

Campus Renovations: $61,598,000 This will cover items that are aging or deficient to extend the life of each campus. Renovations will include repairs, upgrades, or replacements to:

  • HVAC Systems

  • Roofing

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical Systems

  • Driveways & Parking

  • Interior Finishes

Safety & Security: $3,877,000

  • Upgraded controlled entrances at each campus

  • Security cameras district-wide

  • Enclosed connection between CHS and Kolarik

  • Exterior door alarms at CHS

  • New front entry at CHS

Technology: $2,233,000

  • Chromebook refresh

  • Classroom projector refresh

  • Cafeteria projectors

  • Specialized technology for Elementary students

Land Purchase for Future School Sites: $5,125,000

New Buses: $2,948,000